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web design

We help small businesses to thrive via the online presence. we build strong responsive sites with latest technologies.

Our company also host our work.

GTron specialize in bundling webdesign with SEO packages. The demand on this particular industry segment has surged drastically.During these tough times. Subsequently, Businesses are seeking more exposures given the COVID and the unrest.

GTron is your solution. from coding to design to hosting, to private VPS we do it all.

We manage your portfolio of marketing setting your verticals and provide a thorough study of you current setup.
SEO presence had become a must to all of the industries.

we setup Google my business, Facebook presence, Twitter, instagram etc. and stay on top of it to get you the best exposure through the web design with the latest technologies. Java Script, WP html5, C++ , etc..

E-commerce sites with paypal integrated APIs and gateways along with secured SSL licensing / checkout is also our field

in addition to the web design and hosting, boosting site , optimization comes as a must.

your site without optimization is a non performing site and thus it means no visitors, no business.

we monitor our clients’ performance with a handful of tools such as console analytics, optimizer, etc… to keep our clients ranking high.

if the site failed crucial tests, did not pass based on errors, crawling issues, breadcrumbs or many other elements, we jump quick to the rescue and make sure it is all back to normal.

we have clients locally established contacting us close to midnight sometimes with urgent matters and all was taken care of within a short period of times.

Domains move:

sometimes moving domains could be a hassle. specially if the registrar is a slow performing entity and/ or a very heavy loaded clients portfolio… this could result in a huge downtime due to propagation or DNS transferring issues … but we are here on top the game to keep all under close monitoring and be back up at no time.

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