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Web Design project

Lora L.

GTRon Can and will get you from point A to B in the web design and integration arena.

Technically, This company is leader in all IT fields particularly web design and Data Recovery Service. they Saved us .
COVID19 hit hard and our phone system was not working well to get our VM’s messages come in timely so we used GTron to do it all
they integrate a new phone system PBX enabling the cloud platform as well and helped us recover some files from a network lost drive.

we hired them also to do our web site and they did a fantastic work and very speedy.

When We called GTron we were essentially desperate. The loss of the original Hard drive came so swift
that we did not even think of a backup prior. The website tecnology is amazing and so new!! absolutely love it

Always backup

Being busy sometimes is not so responsible as it triggers neglect.
We have to admit !

in the event of you lost or deleted Data, Gtron is the place to call. They are very savy and Reasonable.
Data Recovery service is one of the main issues a small business needs constant help with.
Emergencies can surge but the issue is to find the right place for salvation.

Evidently, Tim was prompt and showed up on-time to evaluate. He explained the reason why disks fail and
pointed to solutions of the issues. he asked for 24-48 hours to get to the bottom of it.

Miraculously, we Were surprised we got a call mid day next day with greatest news ever. Even the cost was
not that bad. Drive Savers cross the bay wanted over 4k for the amount recovered we had checked prior.
Tim so professional showed up with his bag and image of all our life saving info.

Web Design

what a life saver. great company. great work.
thank you GTRON


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