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Network Setup

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3 days ago- a setup network story !
Our Toshiba laptop and our Iphones at home were really spott, we needed a solid network setup and stabley.
Large house here in Novato, We were facing multiple issues of fading signals etc..
we needed a better network setup. A real wifi Solid stable.

Tired of calling over couple of times the geeksquad, who showed up without a good results.
Essentially the problem remained and became a nightmare. In addition to be sluggish and spotty, we would be cut off printing also.
Tired of this, took refuge to google.com for a relevant service, reasonable and most efficient.
Came across GTron, made the best call

Frank was here within 20 minutes of my call. He fixed the problems as well as updated my entire operating system (complementary). He’s been doing this for 21 years. He’s very knowledgeable in his field. He makes house calls as well. Ask him anything and he will help. i highly recommend his capa.
At this stage we stopped having failed network, the network setup is performing well. we had to invest in some good brand extenders and voila!!!

Melanie Phouangkeo