Home and Small Business Networking – Wired or WiFi


As to Business Networking, We are the #1 Network solution to your home or small Medium size company.
From running Wiring LAN to WiFi Setup.

Alongside with Routers setup, LAN CAT5 CAT6 RJ11 and in-wall / ceiling drop fish for your Complete Network setup.
We also run and custom install your surround sound system.
meanwhile, we typically get our clients same day service.

Lately we were called to a large Project in the SF peninsula ( pictures attached) we had to run AP’s in wall and ceiling (EA1200 AC ) with 11 built in antennas. A total of 7 APS spread within the dormitory the job was an additional success. This is just one example of Business Networking.

Another site of Business Networking would be helping in the central Contra costa a small Motel to setup its Network and boost its WiFi Capabilities.

our Technical engineers who spent more than couple of decades dealing with routers and Switches are one call away.
a vaste background of network specific tasks and nods troubleshooting is available.

we come mostly to help businesses or homes after many trials and errors with other companies. Clients call mostly when they are in constant network failure.

call us today and get a tech onsite to get a quote.
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