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we are #1 recycling company in the bay area. we come to your company, place assess the items and select the recyclable within the CA code, go from there. All equipment from PC’s Mac’s , TV’s , computer related , laptops, etc.. falling into our line of recycling code we will haul for you. Gtron was rated best recycling company of 2019 according to WCC chamber of commerce city of Pinole.

we also are #1 company to recover your data. Have you ever experienced the “Blue Screen Of Death” where your PC is completely un-operable?
well, in our 30+ years being in business we surely see them, thousands if not more We can help you recover you data …

– Assessment
– Deep analysis of the issue Virus removal
– Clear understanding of the issue
– explain to our dear clients the cause
– quote / repair onspot or offsite

Many factors contribute to a complete disaster and recover data. Alongside with a corrupt operating system (and trust me Microsoft serves you well on that) there are hardware elements like a bad RAM or bad board and also a corrupt Hard drive with bad clusters worries we will do the data recovery professionally for you.

unlike other competitors, We at GTron we get to the bottom of it quick.
from cleaning your PC and removing all your viruses or malware or spyware to getting the registry firing up properly to getting your OS works best etc..
All this same day if called before noon.

We sends its finest techs on the fields with over 25+ years of experience to you. this is highly recommended to test the issues at your place with YOUR own internet and Your own setup then get you a quick evaluation on spot.

simultaneously, some of our clients are tech savvy, they put together their PCs or Gaming machines but need the last turn key hand. They haler, we answer and get them squared. Malware infection or Virus removal we are here to help.


So call us today, Get your nightmare behind ya..>

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