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PC & MAC Experts, GTron with over 28+ years in the IT industry we can say , we got it all.

From Full computer repair with DATA RECOVERY in addition to PC & MAC repairs , to Home theater custom installation we do it all.
Experts in Data Recovery with cutting edge clean room technology, we have a success rate of over 95% of recovering lost or corrupted drives or SD cards, Thumb drives, phone storage ..
IP Wireless HD Cameras is our specialty too as well as custom built gaming machines with cutting edge latest technology for your ultimate gaming outstanding experience.. We come to you, our highly trained trustworthy technicians are available around the clock to attend to your needs, should it be your home office or your office or your factory etc..

we have been around for decades and planning to remain in place with one target “customer satisfaction” as our biblical mission statement.

Call today, our technicians are available to service you within the same day.

Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

Call today, get your Tech onsite to resolve it for you 

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